A daily social media prayer

Dear Heavenly Mother and Father,

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, Twitter, and the blogposts I love to read I feel that I must apologize to both of you.

I’m sorry I’m not as perfect as Jeni or as optimistic as Alexa.

I’m sorry I’m not a wonderful wife and mother like Jocelyn, Chandra, and Brooke.

I’m sorry I’m not as famous or widely acclaimed as Taylor or Mindy. 

I’m sorry for not being more outspoken for what I believe in like Thaina or as fun as Megan. 

I’m sorry for not being as kind as Sara, as empathetic as Beth, or as loving as Karen.

I’m sorry that I don’t love animals as much as Kacie or as athletic as Chelsey and Ashley.

I’m sorry I’m not more successful and that I don’t take pretty pictures of my daily life.

I’m sorry I’m not as smart, as funny, as pretty, as charismatic, as career driven or as adventurous as my many friends, family, acquaintances, and Internet strangers I have come to know. 

I’m sorry that I don’t write as well or as often as I sometimes think I should.

I’m sorry I post anything at all.

I’m sorry I spend so much time scrolling through these lists, hoping to calm my anxiety and loneliness.

I’m sorry that sometimes my social anxiety gets the best of me and I am slow to respond to messages and posts.

I’m sorry that I get so caught up in myself.

I’m sorry I am so addicted to social media.

I hope dearest Mother and Father that you will see fit to impart some of Thy Son’s atonement and grace upon me and upon all my Facebook friends, Twitter followers and bloggers. Please forgive me for my weakness and be patient with me and my struggle.

Love Thy unworthy daughter
Heavenly Mother and Fathers response:

Our Dearest Kelsi,

We love you just as you are right now. With every weakness, insecurity, and imperfection. Don’t forget that just like we created Jeni, Alexa, Jocelyn, Chandra, Brooke,Taylor, Mindy, Thaina, Megan, Sara, Beth, Karen, Kacie, Chelsey, Ashley, and everyone else that you come in contact with in our image and likeness we also created you to be like and look like your Heavenly Mother. You are okay. You are more than okay. You are you. And that is all we ever wanted for you.

Your ever loving Heavenly Parents


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