“It Is What It Is Till It Ain’t Anymore” – Kacey Musgraves

Ain’t that the truth?

Feelings are complicated. Feelings are hard. They’ll bubble up organically and sometimes you can get them under control and sometimes you can’t control them, one might even deem them uncontrollable. But regardless of the control-ability of said feelings you can control your actions. Which is good.

Sometimes trouble beckons. It’s terrifying and exhilarating  The thought of “what if?” can be so helpful and so damaging. God I never thought I’d be this girl, longing for something I know isn’t right. I know it could never work. There are things I can change and things I can’t change. The things I want to change I can’t change. The things I can change I don’t want to change. Maybe in a different life, a different world, it could work. But then it wouldn’t be the same. Why do humans always want the forbidden fruit? We live in two different worlds and yet the same one. We couldn’t be more different or more similar. I don’t really want to join his world. And he doesn’t want to join mine. I guess I’ve watched too many Disney movies. How many of those movies begin with the idea that they were from two different worlds but fell in love and rose above it all. Silly movies.

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